Due to the excessive and prolonged drought conditions and elevated fire danger, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources deems it necessary to reinstate DNR burning permits as of __9/18/23___________ in the County of Columbia and town of ___Wyocena________ until further notice.

Therefore, in accord with the provisions outlined in Wisconsin Administrative Code § NR 30.03(3) and (4), a DNR annual burning permit is now required for burning in a barrel, a debris pile and grass or wooded areas as outlined by the permit.  Upon issuance of the DNR burning permit, it is necessary to check the DNR burn
restrictions daily to determine if burning is allowed or suspended for the day.  Campfires are allowed if used  solely for cooking or warming purposes, but please use extreme caution. Consider having small campfires in a designated fire ring or device in the evening hours to avoid burning under elevated conditions typically found during the day.

Anyone found responsible for causing a wildfire is liable for all suppression costs and potentially any damages associated.

For a DNR burning permit, visit dnr.wi.gov, search ‘burn permit’ or call 1-888- WIS-BURN (947-2876).

Check the daily burn restrictions:  apps/dnr.wi.gov/wisburn

Wisconsin Department Natural Resources
Columbia Wyocena